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The New DL- LM2Q Metabones lens adapters are the models that allow combining lenses of various manufacturers with the new MicroFourThirds standard cameras
(i.e. Panasonic Lumix G1).
All adapters ensure a high-precise correction of the flange focal length difference and enable focussing to infinity. (due to some of lens has detachable focus unit like 90mm f2 (it made around 1960 - 70's) so our mount will over the infinity slightly) Moreover, automatic exposure metering via working aperture / aperture priority is possible.

Product Highlight

- On both Lens side & camera side we use
- Brass. It made mount more durable and
- precision

- We have spring plate attached on the
- lens side (same as Camera mount)
- to avoid damage the lens & assemble the
- lens on the mount over 30000 time

- We us 100% matt black printing to ensure
- No reflection inside the mount, that will
- not affect the image quality

- Our DL- LM2Q compatible with special
- lens (Leica 50mm Summicron - dual
- range version)

• Body-side mount: Micro Four Thirds mount
• Lens-side mount: LEICA M mount
• Dimensions
- Maximum diameter: Approx.63mm
- Overall length: Approx. 13mm
- Mass (weight): Approx. 50g